Thursday, February 28, 2013

Honey & Salt Face Mask

This is my go to mask, and it is so simple!
All you need is honey and salt.

 My salt is pink!

After you've got your ingredients measure about
1tbsp of honey
1tsp of salt
 mix them together until it becomes sort of a creamy texture.

Then apply it to your face.
I usually leave this on from around 10-30 minutes it just depends on what I'm doing.
When your ready to wash off the mask, wet your hands with luke warm water and gently exfoliate the mask on your face.
Then once you've got it all off dry and moisturize

 I love this mask because its natural and my face always feels so glowy and moisturized after. The moisture part of the mask comes from an ingredient in the honey which is super good for you skin. Another ingredient in honey also helps fight the bacteria on your skin so that it makes it harder for you to get acne. The salt in the mask also helps to dry the suckers out!
Let me know if this works for you!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Real Techniques Brushes

I've finally gotten around to getting these real technique brushes!
I have heard so much about them in the beauty world and how amazing they are, so I just had to check them out for myself.
I got the Core Collections set which costs 18.99 off of The main website, but unfortunately they only ship to the USA and UK and since I live in Canada I ended up having to order them off of Amazon which costed somewhere around $28 including shipping.

It came with this great holder that can either be a stand or a case! I love this cause the case version is perfect for traveling and the stand makes it so your brushes never have to touch the counter so they can stay clean.

I use the buffing brush every time I wear foundation and it literally makes my skin look airbrushed.  I wasn't blessed with perfect skin either, my skin is very acne prone and I suffer from hyper pigmentation (when acne leaves scars behind on your skin), and from this picture you cant tell any of that, not even that I'm wearing foundation!

 Here is a before and after picture of me blending the foundation out on my hand using the buffing brush from the set.

 I took these pictures in day light so you can see what it truly looks like when your out and about.
The only other brushes I can compare these ones to are my MAC brushes.
I love my MAC brushes, they have lasted such a long time and are still in great condition but tend to shed every time I use them and cost about 40 dollars more than the Core Collections set.
For me I think that the Core Collections set gives a better finish when applying my foundation then the MAC ones do.
The Core Collections set would be great for beginners or people just starting to get into makeup because they are affordable and Samantha Chapman films makeup tutorials and posts them on the website showing you how to use the brushes and also how to get different makeup looks!

I would just like to say that I am not a makeup artist and definitely no expert, these are just my opinions of what I think and how these brushes have worked for me :)

I hope this was some help to any of you!

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To The Sea

Yesterday my friend Emily and I decided to hangout. We ended up going down to the water which is always so nice and wonderful!

 The day was sort of over cast but it was still pretty none the less!

Emily showed me this really cool place where there are stairs that go right down into the ocean! I tried to get as close as i could without falling in or getting splashed by a big wave!

 We then walked down to fisherman's wharf and came across these cute lil guys! People were feeding them so it was kind of a war zone down there, with all the seagulls dive bombing at the fish people were throwing, but at least I managed to snap a few good photos of the seals :)

 We then treated ourselfs to our fave little tea place downtown called Murchies tea, which you may recall in one of my older posts here

Annnd of course we had to get macarons! There is a lavender one we have been dying to try but they didnt have any made.. Next time! 

 Mine and Emilys attempt to jump... it was a total success obviously! haha


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Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday Funday

I went for a walk around Thetis Lake yesterday with my roomie. It was so nice to escape from the city for an hour and a half to get some fresh air and just enjoy the nature..Cheesy, I know!
Since I have moved to the city I tend to forget what peace and quite sounds like, I mean I don't live in New York or Toronto where its waaay bigger and there is tons more noise but like every city there is always the constant sound of buses passing, cars honking, people talking and in my case music from the barber shop below me playing, haha.. So it was nice to remember what quiet was like again  :)

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These were my favorite dresses from the Oscars 2013!

and lets not forget about the men!

Jack Nicholson always has the coolest glasses


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