Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Real Techniques Brushes

I've finally gotten around to getting these real technique brushes!
I have heard so much about them in the beauty world and how amazing they are, so I just had to check them out for myself.
I got the Core Collections set which costs 18.99 off of The main website, but unfortunately they only ship to the USA and UK and since I live in Canada I ended up having to order them off of Amazon which costed somewhere around $28 including shipping.

It came with this great holder that can either be a stand or a case! I love this cause the case version is perfect for traveling and the stand makes it so your brushes never have to touch the counter so they can stay clean.

I use the buffing brush every time I wear foundation and it literally makes my skin look airbrushed.  I wasn't blessed with perfect skin either, my skin is very acne prone and I suffer from hyper pigmentation (when acne leaves scars behind on your skin), and from this picture you cant tell any of that, not even that I'm wearing foundation!

 Here is a before and after picture of me blending the foundation out on my hand using the buffing brush from the set.

 I took these pictures in day light so you can see what it truly looks like when your out and about.
The only other brushes I can compare these ones to are my MAC brushes.
I love my MAC brushes, they have lasted such a long time and are still in great condition but tend to shed every time I use them and cost about 40 dollars more than the Core Collections set.
For me I think that the Core Collections set gives a better finish when applying my foundation then the MAC ones do.
The Core Collections set would be great for beginners or people just starting to get into makeup because they are affordable and Samantha Chapman films makeup tutorials and posts them on the website showing you how to use the brushes and also how to get different makeup looks!

I would just like to say that I am not a makeup artist and definitely no expert, these are just my opinions of what I think and how these brushes have worked for me :)

I hope this was some help to any of you!

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