Wednesday, February 27, 2013

To The Sea

Yesterday my friend Emily and I decided to hangout. We ended up going down to the water which is always so nice and wonderful!

 The day was sort of over cast but it was still pretty none the less!

Emily showed me this really cool place where there are stairs that go right down into the ocean! I tried to get as close as i could without falling in or getting splashed by a big wave!

 We then walked down to fisherman's wharf and came across these cute lil guys! People were feeding them so it was kind of a war zone down there, with all the seagulls dive bombing at the fish people were throwing, but at least I managed to snap a few good photos of the seals :)

 We then treated ourselfs to our fave little tea place downtown called Murchies tea, which you may recall in one of my older posts here

Annnd of course we had to get macarons! There is a lavender one we have been dying to try but they didnt have any made.. Next time! 

 Mine and Emilys attempt to jump... it was a total success obviously! haha


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