Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ombre Hair

So I decided to try out the new Wild Ombre by L'oreal.
I was kind of skeptical at first but after I saw the finished product I was in loove!

 They come in three different shades for light, medium and dark hair.
I used the one for dark hair.
I bought mine at Walmart and the price was $8.49 (around there)
 which is a way better price as opposed to $120 at a salon!

Inside it came with an ombre brush, gloves, dye, conditioner and instructions.
I was quite impressed at how easy it was to apply... the brush in the box definitely helped a lot!

I took a before and after picture of my hair so you could see the difference!


I started out with clean dry hair.
 I do have some highlights in my hair that I got a while ago.
After I got the dye where I wanted on my hair I waited 30 minutes
and then rinsed it all out.
I took the after pictures the next day because I dyed my hair at night so the lighting was really bad and I wanted you guys to be able to see the actual colour in daylight.
This is how it turned out!


 I reeeaaally liked how this looks, the highlighted pieces I had before went lighter and gave it a really nice blended subtle ombreing effect on my hair!
Definitely recommend this product for anyone who wants to go for the ombre look. 
I honestly don't think anyone  can go wrong with it, plus no root touch ups, yay!
if you guys have any more questions about the this ask me in the comments below :)
Hope you have a lovely day.

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Beauty Wishlist

 I have had a crush on these products forever!
They will be added to my beauty collection, some day! Most of these products are kind of pricey or not sold on this island, so I guess I shall have a wishlist for now!

1. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

 2. YSL Lipstick 

 3. Urban Outfitters Nail Polish In HOLO

4. Bobbi Brown Corrector 


6. Lancome Mascara Hypnose Star

 7. ORIGINS VitaZing

8. KIEHL'S Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado

9. NAKED Basics Pallet By Urban Decay

10. PRADA Perfume

And that concludes my lovely wishlist.
I  watch a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube so I hear about most of these products through them and they give great reviews so I cant wait to get my hands on them!
If ya like, let me know your wishlist! I would love to see them :)
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Tuesday, March 05, 2013


I finally went home for a few days. It was so nice to see my sister, kitties and parents.
Sadly my sister is still in high school (sucker) so these pictures were taken right before she left me at home with the kittens.

Soo cute

Her hair is so long and beautiful, I want it!

Now, I would like to introduce you to my kitties!
We have three purebred Persians and I looove them so much :)

This here is Charlie 
Hes the oldest one of the bunch and likes sleeping in bowls and sinks, so funny.

Then there is Lucy the princess

 And the baby Stella.
When I was taking pictures of her she got really close to the lens, and I just thought the picture was so cute I had to share!

My dad had a lovely roast beef and yorkshire pudding dinner (my fave) waiting for me when I arrived home, it was soo delicious!
I also ended up going to a friends wresting match witch was really fun and made me miss being in Jiu Jitsu..but not enough to join again, haha.
I finally 'Watched Life Of Pi' and ended up balling my eyes out because it was so sad but very endearing at the same time, its definitely on my top 10 fave movies now! You must all see it!
Any who, it was really fun and I miss my kittens already, I wish I could take them home with me!

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Monday, March 04, 2013


 Lately, I just cant seem to get enough of daisys!
They remind me so much of spring, which Im so excited for!
I just cant wait to start wearing light sweaters, jean jackets and sunglasses again :)
Anywho, I hope you enjoy some of the photos I have gathered because of my daisy addiction!

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Sunday, March 03, 2013

February Faves

 Here are the products I've been loving for the month of February!

 To make it easier I broke this pile up into two groups, beauty and random.
Lets start with beauty!

 (Left to right)
1. Thayers rose petal witch hazel- I use this as my toner. I love this because it moisturizes and doesn't make your face feel tight and dry after, plus it smells like roses and who doesn't love that!
2. Its a 10 miracle leave in- This stuff has really helped my hair this last month. It was feeling dry because I of the styling tools I use like my straightener and  blow dryer, so the keratin really helps heal my hair!
3. Real Techniques buffing brush- I did a whole blog post about these brushes here.
4. Aroma Crystal gardeners dream cream- This cream is the best! It soothes dry hands and smells so good. It is also all natural and made by a lady who lives on Salt Spring Island.
5. Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume- I swear I will never get sick of this scent and with spring just around the corner it's perfect! It's just such an easy scent to wear because its subtle but so fresh smelling you can't go wrong!
6. Revlon raspberry pie lip butter- I wore this colour a lot this month because you can stain your lips with it or build the colour so it's really bright it's also very moisturizing and goes with pretty much every makeup look.
7. Mia 2 Clairsonic- Use this every day, makes your skin feel sooo soo clean and it's pink!
8. Lush lip scrub in mint julip- I have used this every morning to make my lips feel soft!
9. Smith's strawberry lip balm- Loove it, smells like strawberries and cream and it's great for moisturizing your lips, I usually use this right after I use my lip scrub.
10. Mary-Lou Manizer- This highlighter is the best that I have ever tried, it just gives the most natural sheen and it's very affordable!
11. Topshop blush in flush- These blushes blend so nicely and look natural plus I also use these on my lips with a bit of gloss over it and it gives such nice colour.

Below I just took some close ups of the products.

Topshop blush and highlighter.
Revlon lip butter.

Now, for the randoms!

(Left to right)

1. Pro FX nail varnish- This stuff has saved my nails. It is a top coast, base coat and nail strengthener all in one!
2. Tetley Green tea with mint- I don't really like green tea, but when you add mint to it its delicious! I drink this stuff every day and I love it.
3.  Fair trade pure castile peppermint soap- This stuff is so amazing and it's all natural soap. It has a watery consistency but it foams up like regular soap and can be used for everything from a body wash to cleaning your car! I use it as body wash.
4. Salmon and fish oils- When I was little my parents would always make me take these. They said it was good for me soo i decided to start taking them again. They are really good for your skin, brain and nerve cell function and also for cardiovascular health.
5. Pure Maple Syrup candle- First of all I love the can that the candle is in and it smells so good and has lasted so long!
6. Click heat pad- These have been a life saver this month. I've been working mostly night shifts this last month and at night it gets chilly so I bring this guy along to warm me up at work and it stays hot for about an hour. all you have to do is click the little metal thing inside the gel pack and it gets hot, then to bring it back to normal you just put it in boiling water for about 5-10 minutes.
7. hand sign earrings- I got these from Topshop and love them, I find them hard to pair with things but when I do I always get so many compliments about them and they're so fun!

Here are some close ups of the products.

As you can tell I really liked this candle!
I hope you guys liked my February faves!

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