Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ombre Hair

So I decided to try out the new Wild Ombre by L'oreal.
I was kind of skeptical at first but after I saw the finished product I was in loove!

 They come in three different shades for light, medium and dark hair.
I used the one for dark hair.
I bought mine at Walmart and the price was $8.49 (around there)
 which is a way better price as opposed to $120 at a salon!

Inside it came with an ombre brush, gloves, dye, conditioner and instructions.
I was quite impressed at how easy it was to apply... the brush in the box definitely helped a lot!

I took a before and after picture of my hair so you could see the difference!


I started out with clean dry hair.
 I do have some highlights in my hair that I got a while ago.
After I got the dye where I wanted on my hair I waited 30 minutes
and then rinsed it all out.
I took the after pictures the next day because I dyed my hair at night so the lighting was really bad and I wanted you guys to be able to see the actual colour in daylight.
This is how it turned out!


 I reeeaaally liked how this looks, the highlighted pieces I had before went lighter and gave it a really nice blended subtle ombreing effect on my hair!
Definitely recommend this product for anyone who wants to go for the ombre look. 
I honestly don't think anyone  can go wrong with it, plus no root touch ups, yay!
if you guys have any more questions about the this ask me in the comments below :)
Hope you have a lovely day.

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